By: Mike Harris
Electronic veterans Money Safari are bringing their unique sound and style all the way from Germany to Denver for Cloak & Dagger along with a slew of other talented acts. I recently had the chance to speak with the talented duo about their craziest tour stories, playing17 hour sets and even Harambe.
When did you first realize you could turn your passion (music) into a career?
Monkey Safari: There was no concrete moment where we said, “Ok, now it’s happening!” We just have always done what we liked, now as much as ten years ago. Of course over the years it has become more professional, which has led to more success, but our attitude is still the same…
What’s been the most surreal experience for you thus far?
Monkey Safari: Playing a DJ set for 17 hours in a row without sleep and nonstop party13321984_10157053428660602_483706328984576443_n
Favorite cartoon?
Monkey Safari: Simpsons
What continues to challenge you both in the studio and on stage?
Monkey Safari: Consistently maintaining our love for the music and always generating the passion to create something new can be difficult, just like in any industry.
How do you feel your sound has evolved?Monkey Safari: Harder, better, faster, stronger..
Craziest tour story?
Monkey Safari: We have one tour story that was both a complete disaster but somehow kind of a beautiful experience at the same time. We won’t use any names because we don’t want to call anyone out. We were playing a festival in the middle of nowhere so it was a few-hour drive from the nearest airport. The promoter forgot to arrange a driver for us and no one was available on their mobile, so we took a taxi ourselves to the festival area. We arrived five minutes before the gig after a crazy four-hour taxi ride through the desert. We had one of the best sets we had ever played! After the show we took a wild road trip back to the airport hotel with one of the stoned promoters driving us. At the hotel we found out that not only had the room not been paid for, they were booked out and we couldn’t get a room. So we just went straight to the airport without any sleep, had a lot of coffee, waited for our flight and went back to Germany really destroyed but happy in a strange way 😉
How do you feel the internet has helped change the music industry?
Monkey Safari: The world is so much smaller now. Two clicks and you can listen to awesome music from some unknown folk band or a bedroom producer on the other side of the world. It’s a great inspiration for all open-minded music lovers. Now that the industry has started to address the ongoing problems with the provision of music in the digital world, we’d say it’s a great situation at the moment. You can stream music in a cheap way so the obstacle to listen to new stuff is really low. Therefore today’s listeners consumes more music and are exposed to a much wider variety than in the past.


Any pre-show rituals?
Monkey Safari: Getting in the mood of the scene: people, venue, sound system, vibe……and of course smoking.

How would you describe your sound to someone that has never heard your music before?
Monkey Safari: Playing love songs for people who love songs

Thoughts on Harambe?
Monkey Safari: Awful! Wild animals should live in freedom and not in a cage! If humans would have more respect for animals, stories like this would never happen!

You can catch Monkey Safari and of course a slew of other acts at the third annual Cloak & Dagger tomorrow. Make sure to get your tickets while you still can here as this is definitely an event you don’t want to miss!