Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight of Odesza, is an electronic duo from Seattle that was formed in 2012 after the two finished college. Since forming, they have been blowing up the Hype Machine charts with their smooth and dreamy sounds. They have been touring non-stop and I got the chance to sit down with the two briefly. Check out what they had to say.


How has the tour been so far?

Clayton: The tour has been great, we’ve had a lot of the shows sell out which really took us by surprise.

Harrison: Oh yea, we were not expecting that.

Prior to forming Odesza, what sort of solo projects were you guys working on?

Harrison: Yea I was doing something solo, it was like an ambient/triphop kind of sound.

Clayton: I was doing some more pop and dance type stuff under the name BeachesBeaches.

Was there any sort of notoriety or fan following prior to Odesza?

Clayton: I think for both of us it was just a hobby and we were just messing around and sticking to Soundcloud mostly.

Harrison: Yea, we were Soundcloud kids.

So you guys started in 2012, and since then you have blown up, with several #1 songs on HypeMachine every year since you formed Odesza.  One of those songs was a remix of the Pretty Lights song “One Day They’ll Know”, how did you guys get hooked up with him?

Harrison: He had heard some of our songs and reached out to us to do the remix. He really liked it so he asked us to hop on some shows with him. When we were on tour he had asked us to do another remix for him, and that was “Lost and Found” the one that just came out. It was awesome that he let us play shows with him, and kind of take us under his wing.

Clayton: Yea it was really intimidating at first, especially playing shows that size for the first time ever.

Harrison: Going from venues to stadiums was pretty crazy.

Are there any moments that stand out in your mind where you’ve been touring and had the opportunity to meet a fellow artist, and felt starstruck?

Harrison: I would have to say meeting Toro y Moi at Sasquatch was awesome. He was such a cool, laid back guy. I sat backstage and ate a burrito with him!

Clayton: Derek of Pretty Lights definitely, I remember feeling starstruck the first time we got to meet him.

What were some influences for you guys growing up as far as how you’ve developed your sound?

Harrison: I would have to say my biggest influence was jut listening to what my parents would play. They really had a wide range of music taste so I was able to enjoy music of all types, but as far as our sound now, we just really like pretty and beautiful music. I want to make music as genreless as possible.

Clayton: My dad is a classical pianist, so a lot of that really influenced me. Eventually, I really got into Animal Collective and M83, I really loved that kind of sound. Once I started getting into production I did everything from dance, to hip hop, I even had an african dance phase that I went through.

Denver is a city that has a lot of aspiring DJs and producers, what sort of advice would you give to those guys that are trying to make it big?

Harrison: I would say the biggest thing is motivation. It’s really easy to just not follow through and finish a song, so you need to have that motivation to finish. You have to keep that momentum going too. We would sit for hours just emailing blogs, trying to get our stuff out there.

Clayton: I would say to those that are into production, really get to know and learn the software you are using, and how to mix and design the sound that you’re looking for.



Check out their second show, tonight at the Larimer Lounge!

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