All of Colorado is preparing for one of the biggest weekends of the year, to celebrate 420, and one of the most anticipated celebrations of the weekend is the Colorado Cold Crush.

Paper Diamond, our hometown electronic phenomenon, is bringing this party to the Ogden Theater this Saturday, along with support from Kaytranada and Branchez. This one is going to be huge guys! That being said, the homie Alex Botwin, better known worldwide as Paper Diamond, took some time out of his day to answer a few questions I had for him. Check it out!


First tell me a bit about your history, when did you start making music?

Paper Diamond: I first started making music when I was 4, I played violin. I started playing guitar, piano, drum and that stuff when I was 12. I was in a bunch of bands throughout high school. I went to school for music production and started touring with a band I was in, Pnuma, after that I’ve done Paper Diamond for about 3 years.


When you first started getting into electronic music, what are some artists that inspired you?

Paper Diamond: All kinds of different stuff, drum and bass, STS9, Paul Oakenfold. Once I got a computer though and started writing things on my own is when I really got into it and things started taking off for me.


What about current artists, any new ones on your radar?

I’m constantly listening to soundcloud, its hard to really pin one down because I’m already listening to so much music, just constantly. I’ve I’ve been really busy just listening to music, writing my own stuff, and helping out on other projects, it’s been a fun time.


There’s a lot of excitement about your show this Saturday, you’ve got to be pretty pumped to be back in Denver.

Oh yea, I’ve been looking forward to this one, and having it at the Ogden. I have been really hands on with every part of the show, I reached out to Kaytranada and Branchez, love their music. I have it down to a T how I want the night to go, I want everybody to have a good time.


How do you feel about the electronic music scene in Colorado?

Oh man I love it here, there’s a love for so many different types of music out here. You can go to certain areas of the country and there’s a type of music thats big there, but with Colorado there’s a conglomeration of all different kinds of sounds. I fucking love Colorado.


Any last thoughts on your show Saturday and things coming up?

We’re bringing the full rig from the Cold Crush tour, it’s going to be awesome. Also, I’m in the middle of working on an EP, a bunch of new songs. 

Come celebrate with me, let’s get real nice. Also, hit me up @PAPERDIAMOND, on Twitter or on Facebook I like to engage with the fans.


I don’t think I could have said it any better. Let’s get real nice everybody, this Saturday at the Ogden theater, come celebrate 420 and the Paper Diamond homecoming. Colorado Cold Crush.