Electro-soul is one of my favorite genres within the realm of electronic music. It’s a modern take on something tasteful and classic. And most of all? its funky fresh. Our Colorado native homies Proper Motion are notorious proprietors of a sound referred to as “Future Soul,” an enchanting musical style that puts a dip in your hip and a glide in your stride. Prior to the Genesis of Proper Motion, Boulder boys Noah Devaul Marion, and Harrison Watkins meet each other in high school, and started jamming bluegrass music with a handful of friends. Eventually the two realized their knack for working together, and thus began the duo journey of pushing boundaries, delighting eardrums, and kicking ass. The name Proper motion was conceived by Noah, who originally came up with the name as a title for a track of theirs. What an ideal fit – proper balance of electronic and live instrumentation, and a sound that evokes contagious motion. We dare you to make it through the first track on their Soundcloud without standing up, and getting down. The Proper Motion boys have had an astoundingly impressive year, writing new music, partaking in very exciting collaborations, and performing at a number of notable music festivals including Snowball, Wakarusa, and Sonic Bloom. What’s sure to be one of the highlights of Proper Motion’s year is their upcoming performance at Arise Festival in Loveland, CO. Alongside a long list of remarkable artists, Noah  and Harry will be sure to provide  a memorable experience, with a couple surprises in store for the audience. The boys were kind enough to answer a few questions in regard to their current production status and upcoming endeavors.

What has been your favorite performance this year?

Noah: Definitely Snowball. We had so much fun and the turn up for our set was amazing. We also had guest artists Kevin Donohue from SunSquabi and Lily fangz on stage with us for a few tracks. Getting to perform with good friends is a blast.

What are your roles when it comes to the writing and production of your music?

Harry: Noah comes up with the initial idea and composes the majority of the track, then I come in and we brainstorm and finish the track together. We both play the guitar and contribute towards all of the instrumental samples.

Do you guys have any new music in the works?

Noah: We’re working on our new album which will include a 4-track EP called “At Long Last.” It isn’t ready quite yet,  but it’s going to feature some new sounds that you haven’t heard from us before that we’re stoked about. It’s also going to feature our good Sunsquabi buddies  Andrew Clymer on bass, Kevin Donohue on guitar, and also our friend Madeline Hawthorne on vocals.

What are your roles during your live performances?

Harry: We tag team the production part and utilize the controllers equally. We use one guitar during our performances and Noah usually shreds the strings (or his keys/piano) by himself. Not to say we’ll never get a few more live instruments in there at some point.

Other than music, where do you draw inspiration from?

Harry: We’re Colorado boys at heart, so pretty much the outdoors, mountains, anything related to nature.

What kind of feeling do you want to ultimately evoke through your music?

Noah: Connections.  We’ve meet a lot of people and have made great friends because of music. We want our audience to feel happy and be able to relate to us when they hear us play.

Regarding Arise Festival, what are you looking forward to most in comparison to last year? And which ARISE artists are you most excited to see?

Harry: I am looking forward to meeting more people and sharing a great weekend of fun, laughter, music, and dancing. Last year was amazing and this year can only be better. For a bigger artist, I am most excited to see Polish. Only seen him a few times, and his Sonic Set was one for my books. Such a fan of that dude and his music. Otherwise my dudes SunSquabi I’m always stoked to see. They progress every performance and it’s an honor to see these guys grow.

Noah:  First of all, the lineup the the Arise team put together this year is STACKED.  So excited to be included.  This year should have a great turnout and we are excited about that, as well as being able to play alongside all these fantastic artists. We are showcasing our new EP and our set is pretty much all unreleased music.  This year we are playing with a lot of our SIA family and will have plenty of special guests for our set.  Gonna make it a family affair!

So there you have it folks! If you plan on attending Arise, one of Colorado’s best festivals (tickets here), be absolutely certain not to miss these guys! Like their Facebook and follow their Soundcloud to stay up to date on all motion that is proper!

Photography by David Novin  at the Denver Botanic Gardens