This Thursday, July 10th, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom will play host to San Francisco based Deep House and Nu-Disco artist Rob Garza. Garza is also a founding member of the band Thievery Corporation and co-creator of ESL Music.

I had the chance to chat with Rob and ask him a few questions before he takes the stage here in Denver.

Hey there, Rob? This is Lucas from Souls in Action.

Hey Lucas. How are you?

I am well thanks, How are you.  Are you out in California?

Yeah I am down in San Francisco. I just got back from Colorado a little bit ago.

Oh nice, that’s one thing I was going to ask you. You were just recently here at Red Rocks if I am not mistaken?

Yeah, we were. We just played there a little while ago. We really love that venue. The crowd is always awesome and it’s just so awesome to see.

Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s a very picturesque venue. It’s definitely one of my favorite venues. That’s one of the things I was going to ask you. You’ve been all around the world, can you think of any other venues that rival it?

Hmm, Big Gorge up in Washington is something else. It’s really beautiful and it’s also an outdoor venue. We’ve played on some hills out in the open in Greece that were really something as well. The Greek in San Francisco is also pretty nice.

So, what do you do while you’re traveling all over the world? While you are on the road what do you do to pass the time? Do you have any other hobbies aside from music?

Uhmm, can’t say we really have a lot of time for any hobbies. We are on the road going from place to place a lot. We go out and drink with locals and meet people but aside from that we are usually back home in the Bay area. I have a wife and kids and that doesn’t leave a lot of extra time for me.

Yeah I was going to say, the next week here you’re playing four shows. I actually smoked hookah with you about five or six years ago up in Aspen after a show you played. I ended up at a party after it and smoked hookah with you and your crew.

Haha, you did? That’s great. Yeah I love Aspen. It kind of feels like it’s a second home in a way. We’re there three or four times a year. We’ve made some friends there too.

Yeah, I love the Belly Up, I feel like you are a lot closer with the audience.

Yeah we enjoy that venue a lot. We’ll be there this Friday. Then Thievery Corporation will be playing in Telluride on Sunday and we’ll be in Boulder after that.

Moving onto a different type of question, you recently released a remix of the Kelis song ‘Friday Fish Fry’ which happened to be the opening track of your second Disco-Tech mixtape titled ‘Plastic Clouds’. I really enjoy the new sound you’ve brought to her track. This isn’t the first remix you’ve done and I am sure it won’t be the last. How do you go about choosing which songs get the “Rob Garza treatment”?

Hmm, I don’t really end up choosing most of them myself. I enjoy a lot of different music. People tend to come to me with their music and if I feel like I can do something with it I try to. I try to do different remixes of different types of music because that helps to keep my skills on point.

I’d like to ask about the inspiration for your music, do you remember if there was a specific person or event that originally turned your interests to making music?

Uhmm, no not really. There’s just so much. I grew up in a house full of music. No one really played any instruments but there was so much music around. I just remember being inspired by punk music and then making electronic music when I was 13 or 14 in school. That was around 1983. I think that was a point when I really realized that, “Oh, you know, maybe I can actually make electronic music without, well you know, freeing up the notion that you had to be a technically proficient musician to make music.” That was about the point that I knew I wanted to make music.

Do you have any plans for any big projects in the near future?

Yeah, you know, just workin’ on some new remixes. Some new Rob Garza original tracks, then Thievery Corporation will be working on a new album this year.

If you had the chance to collaborate with another artist, off the top of your head who would that be

Uhmm, maybe somebody like Manu Chao. I’d really like that. If I thought about it for a second I could probably think of some more people.

Moving into some of the less rigid questions, I’d like to ask you just a few more eccentric ones. What’s your drink of choice?

Drink of choice would have to be Mezcal.

Oh is that the Tequila?

Yeah it’s kind of a more artisanal type of tequila. Well tequila is more a type of mezcal.

Oh I understand you. Kind of like all bourbons are whiskey, but not all whiskeys are bourbon.

Right, right.

You’ve spent a lot of time around the world. Are you multilingual, and if so how many languages can you converse in?

Yeah, I speak English and Spanish and a little bit of Portuguese. Enough to get by. I speak a tiny bit of some other languages but not really enough to converse in.

One final question Rob, Star Trek or Star Wars? Unless you watch Game of Thrones, to which I’d like to ask who your favorite character is?

Hmm, I think Star Wars. I don’t really watch Game of Thrones.

Yeah, that’s my choice too. I totally understand, you’re a busy man. I definitely recommend it either way. That’s all I have for you today Rob, I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me! Anything you’d like to add before you’re off?

Not really. Just that we’ll be playing shows throughout Colorado this week. We’ll be in Denver tomorrow, Aspen on Friday, Telluride on Sunday and Boulder on Monday.

Fantastic! Thanks Rob, have a great day! Good luck this week!

Thanks Lucas, you too.

Be sure to catch Rob as he lights up Cervantes in Denver this Thursday.  We’ll see you all at the show!