Russ Liquid 3

It’s official, RUSS LIQUID has my undivided attention. In fact, I’m a little disappointed in myself for not jumping on the bandwagon a bit earlier. Forget about what you think you know about Space Jazz, because Mr. Liquid is redefining the boundaries of this trending genre and turning a lot of heads as he does so. As if his solo game isn’t strong enough, Russ now has a handpicked ensemble of musicians accompanying him onstage as what he likes to call The Russ Liquid Test. That’s right folks, this trumpet playing master of psychedelic composition now has a live band. In addition to this project, Russ has had an exciting year of collaborations, and has picked up a plethora of new skills from playing with various groups such as OPIUOGRAMATIKSTS9, and MICHAL MENERT & The Pretty Fantastics. He is also on a current funkadelic winter tour with THE FLOOZIES and SUNSQUABI (Doesn’t get much groovier than that). Russ had a very successful unveiling of his live band in Denver last week, and was kind enough to answer a handful of questions. Hopefully you will enjoy his sense of humor as much as I did.

Russ Liquid 2

What’s your favorite city to perform and why?

Paris… Cause it’s Paris….

Tell me about your plans for the live band. How do you go about composing for an ensemble as opposed to your solo stuff?

My plans for the live band are as follows: more music, more shows, more fun!  I’ve been waiting a long time for all the pieces to line up for having a band and now they have and it’s time to go full force… So far most of the writing for the band has been done by myself and Andrew Block who plays guitar with me. It differs because it’s not just me writing and also I’m writing with the intention that someone will be physically playing the parts.

What have been some of your favorite collaborations in the last year?

I think my favorite collab of 2015 has been working with Menert’s Pretty Fantastics.  Although I never recorded with them I did play in the group… Good music.

How did you link up with JmaC (MANIC FOCUS)? 

The Bass Gods decided we must meet so it was arranged by them… Them being the aliens in control of the galactic federation of music… Ha. I definitely payed attention and picked up a few things playing with him.

Obviously your first name is Russel, but where did the “Mr. Liquid” part stem from in regards to your artist name?

Bruce Lee: be like water… It’s my philosophy. However “Russ Water” just doesn’t have the same ring as “Russ Liquid.” I’m like musical water taking my shape from the container in which I exist. 

I see you’ve played a handful of transformational festivals. Do you think these events are an actual outlet for bettering ourselves and the world, or simply a glorified excuse for getting fucked up?

I feel the intentions of these festivals are in the right spot. People are going to party and take “drugs” anyways, so creating a safe educational container in which to do these activities is not bad at all.

How do you think the genre of ‘Acid Jazz’ has evolved in the last few years?

Acid jazz? Is that when you eat acid and play jazz? That’s like my favorite thing to do…

And on that note, you should totally listen to some Russ Liquid! This week I have been particularly enjoying the balance of glitch hop and downtempo on his more recent album “In Love,” posted below. Gear up, since Mr. Liquid will most likely be making his way to a city near you in the short future. Maybe the Bass Gods will bless us with some more Russ Liquid Tests in the new year if we’re lucky. Follow Russ on FACEBOOK so you don’t miss any of the action. If you’re in Colorado and need to make plans for New Years Eve, try and catch his set with Michal Menert at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins on December 31st! TICKETS HERE