Beanstalk Music & Arts Festival is just over a week away and Scott Hachey of The Magic Beans took time out of planning the yearly festival, touring, and releasing new music to chat with Melissa Peterson about what’s in store!  Tickets to Beanstalk are still available HERE and be sure to enter for your chance to WIN tickets from SIA!


I saw the Magic Beans for my first time in 2013, how would you say the band has evolved since that time?
Wow, I would say the band is a completely different animal in so many ways. Most obviously is that we have a new lineup. We had 2 founding members step away from the band in 2015. It was a super tough time, but all things happen for a reason I guess. Casey Russell and myself wanted to keep the music going and we’ve since added Chris Duffy on bass and Jason Kincaid on drums. Duffy hails from Albany, NY and used to perform with a band called Dirty Paris out there. He is just a spectacular talent, seems like music comes intuitively to him and he’s been helping us push the sound in fresh directions. Jason Kincaid is from Fort Collins, CO and is a beast on the kit; expressive and has chops. The musical synergy was almost immediate and has since blossomed into something of which I am very proud. Most importantly they’re just the best kind of people you can meet.

Beyond that, we’re just growing all around as people and as artists. Getting better everyday. Lots of being at your best musically is just being at your best personally. The music though, is great. If anyone reading this hasn’t seen us since 2013, I highly recommend coming out sometime very soon… like to Beanstalk Festival on June 10-12th or something 😉

Tell me about the new EP coming out soon. Any particular influences behind it? Any fun collaborations?
The new EP was a great chance for us to get the fresh sound down on a record. We were basically just like, “fuck it, lets get in the studio”. We got one day for tracking and it really came together, ended up with 4 songs at the end of the day. We dubbed it, “The Foam”. The idea behind it, I think, was to try and pick a few different feels to capture on one disc. We got some straight funky stuff on there, some livetronica goods on there, some jamband stuff. Our fans are definitely cosmopolitan music lovers, not really adhering to one genre, so we want to appeal to all of them within the disc. Plus it was just fun as hell, got to do some new stuff and also put some long standing favorites on a record finally.

The album features a horn section on some tunes that includes our buddies, Clark Smith of Dynohunter and Matt Wilkolak. Our brother and former drummer, Will Trask, is on percussion on every track as well. In the studio we try to bring songs to their full potential in ways not possible live, thats what makes the studio the studio. So we added these extra instruments, synths, and post production to make it pop. We’re releasing each song as a single one by one for free on soundcloud. First one is out. Next one drops next week.


Beanstalk was one of my favorite festivals last summer – why have you guys decided to change the venue this year?
Last year was great. Unfortunately we had to turn away about 200 people at the door though haha. Sucked to do that, so we don’t want that to be an issue anymore. Also, that location had shuttles to the camping and 2 different campsites. Every year no matter how hard we tried, the shuttles never worked as well as we would’ve liked, last year culminating in the company going under and only sending us 2 busses for the whole weekend haha. This year there are no shuttles, one campground with everyone in it, and a much higher capacity. Gonna be great. I believe it to be equal in beauty and outdoor activities than State Bridge. Certainly more amenities available. We’ve got some fun activities planned this year for everyone and also late night sets going from 2-4am w Ben Silver (of Orchard Lounge) and CIA (Allen Aucoin, Clay Parnell, Ian Mcguire)

What sets the Magic Beans apart from all of the other jamtronic/livetronica bands in Denver?
Well I’d say its because we aren’t just that. That describes a decent amount of our sound, but we do a lot of funk, bluegrass, rock, and stuff. We try to appeal to people who are into more than just one thing, as i feel most music listeners are in the this day and age. We also don’t use any computers or prerecorded samples. Just instruments. So thats kinda different. We definitely capture a lot of livetronica in our sound though for sure.

I’d say the most glaring difference is our dedication to the improvisational sections of our concerts. It makes up anywhere from 50%-70% of the show, depending on how the vibe is. I think thats why we have good success and people keep coming back. We could play the same set every night and it would be completely different.

Where is the band’s favorite place to perform outside of CO?
Good question, hard to say. We just got back from NorCal and Oregon last week for the our first west coast tour and had too much fun. Great shows, great people. I’d also say Chicago is probably #2 or maybe Burlington, VT… or maybe New Orleans haha


What has been one of the most momentous events in the band’s career thus far?
I’d say last year at Beanstalk was the probably it. Anyone that was there can attest to the vibes that were going around, pretty spectacular. It was truly a family reunion for the CO scene. Every band’s set had that something. The energy was incredible.

How did you guys become so tight with the Disco Biscuits? That collaboration at beanstalk last summer was definitely a highlight.

We’ve been working with Ryan Noel for awhile. He’s an incredible talent and pillar of the independent music scene out here in CO. He’s also my business partner for Beanstalk. Ryan saw us perform at some festival where there was like 30 people and thought we had something good going. He also works in production with the Disco Biscuits and Electron. So, it kinda started with us playing with Tom Hamilton, Clay Parnell, and the American Babies a few times. Then we had the pleasure of opening for the Biscuits at their Ogden run in 2014, as well as host the after party at Cervantes. Aron, Allen, and Marc all came and played with us, as well as Luke from Lotus and Fareed Haque. It was ridiculous. So, looking ahead to Beanstalk we put together the Biscuit super groups and the Magic Brownies set. Those guys are the best because they’re so down with the hang and the community that surrounds them. They don’t emancipate themselves from their own fans. Its very interactive and including. Happy to have 3 of them back to Beanstalk this year again as well as Tommy.


I know that the band is made up of Colorado natives, but how did you guys originally get together? Did you meet in school or something? Tell us how the band came to fruition.
We’re actually all transplants haha. Sorry natives. We met in Boulder and starting by playing house parties. We’d get a bus up from the Hill to our house in 4 mile canyon and just play all night until we sent people back down at like 5am. Sometimes we’d end up with hundreds of people there haha, most of them strangers at first but eventually friends. Thats kinda how it all began. Eventually we moved up the Nederland as a band and started going at it full time.