Alright ladies and gents starting at 3:30PM mst, on Friday July 18th we’ll be hosting a very special live interview with the one and only Mr.Bill!  What’s a live interview you ask?  Well it’s an interview where you get to ask the questions.  So starting a little before 3:30 fill up his twitter by tweeting your questions @mrbillstunes and follow the tag #SoulsRising (we know The Untz is super excited about it!).  We’ll then take your questions and answer them on the live stream above!

Want to know what Mr.Bill eats for breakfast, how he makes his tunes, or who was the first show he saw? Get these questions answered and much more, we’ll be going at it for about a half hour.

Oh and did we mention that he’s going to be killing it on the Souls Rising Stage at Arise Festival this year?  No?  Well it’s sure to be off the chain so be sure to snag your tickets while you can!