A few weeks back you’ll recall the release of the latest collaboration between the meteorically rising Alex Metric and disco powerhouse, Oliver with their release of ‘Hope’.  Already that unstoppable jam has taken over festivals around the country (Bixel Boys.  Snowball. Hope throw down. Enough said.).  Well now Alex Metric is out with the full ‘Hope EP’ which consists of his solo track ‘Spiritism’ and another Oliver collab with ‘Galaxy’.

While any EP could carry itself with a banger like ‘Hope’ on it, the beauty here lies in the progression over the tracks. Each out funk-ifiying the last in spectacular ways.  ‘Spiritism’ marks an exploration into the realm of progressive indie dance for Alex, harking back to the sounds of Crystal Castles from years past.  Then all the stops get pulled with the future anthem of ‘Galaxy’.  Unbeatable walking bass lines, rich pianos, and impeccably produced strings unite to create one my favorite new summer anthems.  Long story short if you can make it through this EP without wanting to put on some platform shoes and work on your moves, then maybe you and Nu Disco need to have a talk.

Also since three songs isn’t nearly enough I’ve tucked in the latest from Oliver Nelson (In case there weren’t enough Oliver named nu disco artists in the world?).  He’s taken on fellow Swede, Tove Lo‘s ‘Habits’ and infused all the beachy sounds you could ever want…oh and the hook from Lo’s liquid trap anthem remix ‘Stay High’.  Enjoy!