Well the boys Dave 1 and P-Thugg, better known as Chromeo are at it and better than ever.  The band has recently announced the forthcoming release of their fourth full-length release ‘White Women’, a feat that comes as a surprise from a band who’s production schedule seemingly never stops.  And off of their new album comes what is sure to be one of the biggest disco anthems of the summer ‘Jealous (I Ain’t With It)’.

As usual this track pumps out Chromeo’s signature cock-sure style, but with a hilarious twist in the lyrics, choosing to focus on general male incompetence in relationships.  One of my favorite things about the sound that these guys pump out is the consistency with which they bring forth the funkier shades of nu-disco, and create songs that are so fun they’ll have your grandma dancin’ around with her walker.

One thing’s for sure this song is going to be one of the highlights of my summer when it brings down Red Rocks in August.  ‘White Women’ in all of it’s glory releases on May 12th just in time to become the most played album of summer 2014, but if you pre-order the album today you’ll get a copy of their singles ‘Come Alive’, ‘Over Your Shoulder’, and ‘Sexy Socialite’ today.  Oh and incase you want to add a little Chromeo love to your house set, The Chainsmokers re-rubbing ‘Jealous’ into a perfect dance floor ignitor.  Enjoy the music and don’t stop the groove!

chromeo white women