A week or so back I had the good fortune to catch the rapidly rising Capital Cities live.  While songs like ‘Safe and Sound’ may be garnering a few to many plays for my tastes it’s hard to deny the infectiousness of their pop-funk prowess.  Needless to say I danced my ass off.  Now it’s always nice to see growing bands hand off their tracks for remixes by artists just getting their start.

Which is exactly what I present to you today, where the very under-the-radar CliffLight has upped the grooves on Cap Cities ‘Lazy Lies’.  Taking one of their more subdued tracks and mixing in a funk line that takes things through the roof.  Personally I find remixes like this to be the most satisfying, ones that keep the original largely in tact but are so careful with their added sounds that it’s hard to tell original from remix in terms of song structure (case in point Monsieur Adi on ‘Changing of the Seasons’).

And for your listening pleasures I’ve included some of the latest and greatest from both artists up top for you as well.  Cap Cities’ ‘One Minute More’  marks a step in to the realm of “live house” with a pulsing, progressive hook that harks back to The New Deal.  While ‘Do What You Want To Me’ from CliffLight is like to become the bands break-out hit in 2014, we can’t wait to see what these guys come up with next.  Oh, and if you needed a day brightener check out Capital Cities’ cover of ‘Breathe’ complete with Tupac samples.