Well let’s just dive right in souls into some of the newest nu disco on the planet!   As some of you may have seen Brooklyn legends, Phantogram recently put the stems for their new hit ‘Fall In Love’ out to see what the wide world of remixers would do with it.  Well under the radar producer Cokes For Models (possibly my favorite moniker of recent years) took a hold of that bad boy and discoed it the fuck out.  While some producers kept most of the song’s structures in tact, Cokes went down the “Imma write a new song and just use some rad vocals” route, bringing the song from it’s raw alternative roots into a land of string synths and pool parties.

But that’s not all that Cokes has cooked up in his short career, he’s also been busy building a solid repertoire of lively nu disco track each of which laudable in it’s own respects.  As such I’ve included his smashers ‘Malibu’ and ‘Your Lovin” for your listening pleasure.  I have to tip my hat to a new producer with such a solid concept for his sound and burgeoning production quality.  And while the weather here in CO isn’t quite ready to cooperate, these track are sure to bring on summer in full force!