And to think just two days ago I was thinking ‘Damn, I have no idea what I’m going to post about on Wednesday’.  Well way to go Nu Disco scene, pulling through like always and overloading me with unstoppable tracks.  There’s so much New Nu I’m going to run through this in bulleted format:

  • First off Britain’s Ghosts of Venice took Aretha Franklin’s classic ‘Jump To It’ to a new level, because some classics just deserve a little freshening up.
  • Then Goldroom‘s ‘Coastline’ remix took us into a world strong rum drinks, lapping waves, and breezy sunsets.
  • Not two hours later Thomas Jack taught us that not only is tropical house here to stay, but is capable of remixing a remarkably wide array of genres, this time taking on Gabirel Rios
  • Then yesterday, pioneers Punks Jump Up brought things in on the housier side with their four-on-the-floor smasher remix of Alex Mallios’s ‘Be On It’, in case you need some mid week pump-up jump-up.
  • And finally I all but lost it when my favorites, The Knocks, capped things off with a fresh new original ‘Move Me’.  These boys definitely did not wear out their funk reserves on their ‘Comfortable EP’, as this one is sure to get your rump shakin’ in all kinds of ways.  Additionally they’ve announce their newest ‘Crystal Arcade’ tour, which of course is coming NOWHERE NEAR DENVER, BLAST!

Well in any case, it has been a great couple days for Nu Disco as I’m sure your ears, if not your rear end will agree.