Well it feels like forever since I’ve written a proper New Nu post, catching you guys up on what has happened in the wide world of nu disco.  But we’re here now and lets get those hips in motion, here’s what’s new in nu disco from the past week:

–  Dutch-disco-duo Keljet are enjoying an absolutely meteoric rise, possibly due to their propulsive name, or possibly due to this remix of Ayer’s ‘Circle Down’ (also included above for your listening pleasure) which is creeping up on 1/2 million plays on SoundCloud.  Either way you can’t help but love the guys and the classical euro-DJ stylings they bring to the disco resurgence.  Airy, tropical synths; smartly-laid beats; and impeccable remix track selection don’t leave much to be desired.  Now the only question is: how the hell do we get these guys stateside for a tour?

–  Up next our favorite swede Oliver Nelson teams up with Tobtok to bring a very chilled out remix of Lemaitre’s ‘High Tide’.  We’ve come to know Nelson’s over-the-top disco pop recently, so it’s refreshing to hear a mellow track based around a swinging hook.  And a damn good one at that.

Side note: Somebody needs to tell these norsemen that their tropical tunes really don’t befit their homeland.  Maybe we should start a nu disco artist colony on like Bermuda or something…

–  On the complete flip-side nu disco pioneers Viceroy and Penguin Prison, who both have been making rather mellowed tracks of late, have teamed up to crank out this horn-stab-powered, summer heater ‘This Life’.  You know when you see two names like this on a track that you’re in for a treat.

– We close things out with a brand new original from the unstoppable Miami Horror.  This tune definitely ventures further down the ‘indie dance’ end of the spectrum, but nonetheless it’s absolutely the anthem you need to finish out this summer beer in hand and shades on your face!

That’s all we’ve got this week, now get out in the sunshine and enjoy these tracks the right way!  Oh and if you’d like to follow along throughout the week as I unearth that new nu follow me on SoundCloud, I’ll be reposting my favorite nu disco and throwing a like on whatever else catches my ear.  Enjoy!