Well it’s just getting more and more summery out there so naturally the nu disco in the world is heating right up!  One of these days I’ll have to throw together a playlist for you guys to jam out to, grill, and drink some Kona Brews beers.  No that’s not paid placement, but they are what you need to be drinking.

We kick things off with the brand spankin’ new artist That’s Nice.  He’s pumped out a few quality remixes and definitely has his ear to the ground for emerging disco trends, but I call to your attention today his remix of Miami Horror’s ‘Colours In The Sky’.  For a track that took a relatively funky band down a more ethereal, indie trail, this remix breathes the rump-shakin’ right back into it.  That’s Nice is definitively exhibiting Viceroy-like levels of remix-ocity, in terms of injecting unseemly tracks with over-the-top levels of tropical funk.  Case in point his ‘Shame’ remix which is sure to put you on a mini-vacation, and his ‘Trying To Be Cool’ remix which while less funky is none-the-less on point.

To cap things off today I’ve included the newest from british vocal siren, La Roux.  Who just released ‘Uptight Downtown’ a track that will likely see much less dub step remixing than her previous tracks, which in my mind is totally fine.  Why?  Because, this track is quite frankly discoed the fuck out, and will likely sit a top many summer playlists this year.  Is it ‘Get Lucky’? No.  But hopefully that means we won’t see a slow, over-played, radio death of an awesome song.