Los Angeles disco powerhouse Oliver are back at it and they mean business.  We’ve already seen these boys pump out some of the most fun, unstoppably dancy remixes of recent years (we’re talking about you ‘Wine Glass Woman’ remix).  Now they’re coming out strong with a collab with Alex Metric and they’ve pumped out is up tempo, punchy, and ready to tear the roofs off of festivals this summer.  And in the midst of their new sweep of production the guys have sat down and curated a ‘Generations of Disco Mixtape’ for their upcoming show with Chic, Nile Rodgers, and Giorgio Moroder.  Fusing the past and future of a genre that’s had people dancing for decades is exactly the sort of events we love to see, and a kick-ass mixtape doesn’t hurt either.

While we’re at it I’ve included their recent remix for Boys Noize, yet another big room rocker, ready to take over festivals and take sets from good to great.  Both of these tracks exemplify a new direction for Oliver, using big slappy bass lines, and heightened senses of synthesis to complete tunes that will bring crowds over the top.  Needless to say we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.  Oh and for your listening pleasure I’ve included a brand new remix from Le Youth up above, because if I waited to post it till next week it wouldn’t be That New Nu.