We have been firing on all cylinders with the upcoming Arise Festival over here at SIA but that doesn’t mean that the wide world of nu disco has paused for a beat.  This one will be a whirlwind but let’s catch up on what’s happened in disco-land this week!

-Kicking things off we’ve got the truly funky, truly french,Poom who’ve just released their latest heater ‘Les Voiles’ packing plenty of live instrumentation and raw vocals to guarantee that any live performance will go off.  In keeping with French tradition this band keeps things under the radar, as they’ve been on the scen for years (note this classic ‘Night Call’ Remix) cropping up occasionally to drop a new, huge track on us.

SNBRN is on a mission for take over in the world of tropical house, and he means business with this hot new ’21 Questions’ remix.  Showcasing his capabilities to dive into deep house on this new track is also sure to win over some new fans.  The guy seems to have a winning combo: sharp DJ skills, a finely tunes ear for floor-wrecking remixes, and branding that literally screams “I’m here to play your pool party!”

-The up-and-comer Cokes For Models hit us with a new arcade-synth-based track in ‘Death Is Not An Option’.  Showing off an interesting paradox: modified 8-bit sounds tuned into a surprisingly full bodied track.  In  case you almost definitely haven’t hit your awesome space disco quota for the week, and this tune will help.

Lazerdisk wins probably the best rebranding of the year award with their unbelievably new ‘Mélange’ EP.  The boys have dropped the masks, dropped the “Party Sex”, and decided to crank out some nu disco show stoppers.  While the whole EP is worth a listen I’d like to call out the big production value behind ‘I Think I Love You’, and their collab with The Knocks in ‘Crashing’ which is certain to add plenty of legitimacy to any disco production.  Overall, I applaud Lazerdisk for working hard to stay relevant, explore new territory, and crank out some smashing tunes in the process.

That’s all we’ve got for you this week.  If you want to follow along my musical discovery check out my soundcloud where That New Nu gets a repost and other awesome tracks get likes.  Have a great week!