…and he’s also coming to Denver!

Well, well it’s not so often that I get the pleasure of blogging about a nu disco artist for one of our upcoming show, but it’s not so often that a legend like Rob Garza comes to town.  For those of you who need a little refresher Rob is half of the brain trust behind Thievery Corporation, whom we can all thank for laying down roots for electronic music stateside.

Garza has been making show stoppers since before some of you were likely born, but recently he’s been delving off solo to explore the world of deep house, and nu disco in his DJ sets.  To kick things off I’ve included his latest “Disco-Tech Mixtape Vol. 2: Plastic Clouds” where for an hour we can all take a trip into the mind of this prolific producer.  Understated, exquisitely selected, and immaculately mixed this mixtape sets a bar that most deep house artists leap for everyday, yet so few reach.  One also must notice a some peculiar territory that comes with being such a seasoned DJ, a remarkably short track list.  With 11 tracks filling an hour, this mix feels less like the mayhem we’re berated with on a daily basis and more like the theme song to the coolest party ever at Garza’s San Francisco home.

To provide a little context for you guys I’ve also included a smattering of some of the latest and greatest from Rob’s remix collection.  Including his unstoppable “Friday Fish Fry” remix (which he kicks the Plastic Clouds tape off with), and the instant classic remix of “Heart of Glass”.  All very long plays, all undeniably worth a listen in their entirety.

Be sure to grab tickets to see Rob at Cervantes this Thursday, July 10th while you can.  And bring dancin’ shoes because this one’s going big!

2014-07-10 - Rob Garza (1)