It feels like even on a bit of an off week we’re still up to our ears in tasty nu disco.  Not that I’d ever complain.  Let’s jump right in.

-In awesome irony, the brand new FRZN out of Vancouver has entered the scene.  While endless summery names circulate in this genre (looking at you: Poolside, Tropicool, SNBRN) this kid’s payed homage to his wintery home.  He’s pumped out some high quality remixes with this Sheps remix, and he took on the rapidly-gaining-remix-steam ‘Till Sunrise’ by Goldroom which has received lots of re-rub love lately.  (Side note to FRZN, get some press photos so I don’t have to find random pictures of beach chicks when I want to feature you in a post).  But really I’m just excited to see this dude’s move to originals and what he comes up with.

-While we’re talking Goldroom, it’d be a shame not to mention Ardency  with yet another ‘Till Sunrise’ remix.  In this track they bring a much more driving, big-room oriented sound than most of the other remixes.  Turns out those vocals from the original are just as ready to set off a big club, as help you watch the sun set seaside.

-One of my personal faves Gigamesh is back at it with a remix of DJ Cassidy’s ‘Make the World Go Round’.  Is it disco-ed the hell out?  Absolutely.  But it’s R. Kelly’s vocals that bring this track over the top for me.

-Every week I aim to include a little something from the indie-dance side of things, and once again Saint Pepsi earns the spot with this remix of Grizfolk’s ‘Hymnals’.  Sweeping vocals and a euphoric synth-line isn’t exactly funky but still makes you want to boogie right out of your seat.  Any late evening summertime set would do well to kick things up a notch with this tune.

-The disco-master, Aeroplane  has been busy in his remix work this time taking on Mystery Skulls’ ‘Paralyzed’.  In this track he shows us what’s what in the world of proper keyboard riffs.  If you’re not feeling the vibe of this track you might need to turn up the volume and try again.

-And finally in the world of all things aeronautical we’ve got the latest from Keljet and their ‘Hearbreakfree’ remix.  They largely preserve the structure of the original on this track with just a little of the bouncy-synth flare that I’ve come to love from these guys.

We’ve got a big three day weekend coming up here so be sure to carve out a little extra time and listen to these glittery anthems in the warm weather.  As always I’ll be pumping my SoundCloud feed full of the latest and greatest of nu disco all week long so feel free to follow along.  I’ll see you next week!