Well I’m a little late but we’ve got tons of great stuff to dig into so hopefully you’ll still get some time to appreciate these jams over the weekend.  I also need to apologize for the theme, we all want to hold on to summer as long as possible, but given the weather here in the mile high todays title track was just to perfect (and too good) to pass up.  As such today feels a little chilly in the world of nu disco.

-Just when I think I’ve got the world of nu disco pegged I hear of Vijay & Sofia, an odd duo by many measures.  But, hey that’s what I love about electronic music it really doesn’t matter who makes it as long as it’s good.  They’ve most recently covered The Neighbourhood‘s ‘Sweater Weather’ which is THE perfect jam to transition us from the summery tracks of disco to the tunes of rest of the year.  Also I’ve included their remix of ‘Love Me Again’ because even though it’s old it’s probably my favorite song of this week.

-‘Wild Motion’ and the entirety of Miami Horror’s new collection seems to be getting especially rich remix attention.  So naturally RAC had to be part of the action.  In my opinion he packs this tune full of the same vibes that he pumped into his ‘Classic’ remix, despite how different the songs are structurally…and I love it.

-Well he may have stolen the Souls In Action founder’s name but Lulleaux should not be ignored.  Especially when he’s putting out tracks like this remix of  Marlon Roudette’s ‘When The Beat Drops Out’.  This is the first song where I’ve ever heard steel drums not sound summery as hell, likely due to his sweeping string sections and minor chorded riffs.  In any case this track is hot, and right in line with today’s theme.

-Another track that’s getting tons of remixes is definitely Tobtok’s ‘Higher’.  Avenue, who subsequently is growing on me with every track he puts out, has now graced us with his own take.  He incorporates much more of the opening sequence from the original which turns out is totally bad ass.

-There are songs that become classics sooner than you’d think, and Ennui! has recognized one and thus remixed Goldroom’s classic ‘Fifteen’.  He brings a stronger beat along with french, soaring, and impeccably produced synth lines to this jam.

-The most traditionally disco of this week’s set Midnight Pool Party is on fire with ‘If You Were Mine’.  And I would have done us all a great disservice to not include this track today.  On a side note Midnight Pool Party and Patterns show, now that’s a dream set to think about.

– We finish this week off with the devilishly handsom Urban Contact and their  ‘The Wilder Mile’ remix.  Don’t hate them because they’re beautiful, hate them because they’ve successfully made the transition from big bass to nu-disco/ deep house in their career riding on their flawless production to carry them through drastic genre changes.  Not something many artists can do.  This song is blowing up hype machine right now, and with obviously good reason.  Go give the dudes some love.

That’s all I’ve got for you lovely folks this week.  Be sure to stop by next Friday (I swear I’ll make it on time next week) for more of the latest and greatest from the nu disco world.  Or if you don’t want to wait just follow me on SoundCloud and I’ll repost your feed full of awesome jams all week long!