Well well you take one week off to cover a music festival (coming out shortly) and the clever hands behind some HOT nu disco hit you with a whole boatload…not that I’m complaining.  Let’s dive right on in!

-We’re starting off big with what I’m officially calling the SONG OF THE SUMMER!  The Knocks (obviously some of my favorites) have taken things completely next level with this new anthem ‘Classic’.   With classic funk guitar riffs reminiscent of Nile Rodgers, or That’s Nice, and the soaring vocals of Powers this track leaves nothing to be desired.  And as such has been on absolute repeat for the past couple days.  The only thing I’d change would have been a release in May instead of August!

-The main man Goldroom outta L.A. is cranking things up again with ‘Till Sunrise’, built at a much grindier pace than his usual forte shows some serious production prowess.  While this Cokes For Models Remix brings things back into a more traditional vibe and synth structure.

-While Swedish House Mafia’s ‘One’ was indisputably a classic this Autograf cover might take the cake for the most creative cover I’ve ever heard.  Still the same riffs and lyrics but brought to help you come down after a big night out rather than kick it off.

Estate and Liquid Pegasus are some under the radar artists looking to flex a little muscle with ‘Banana Boat’.  It’s airy, and funk-filled but built on a somewhat hip hop undertone that sets things apart.  Can’t wait to see some more production from these cats.

Saint Pepsi wants to show you that his interests expand beyond disco with this very indie ‘Fall Harder’ tune.  And I’m totally ok with that.  Honestly, it increases my desire to get this guy out to Denver for a gig!

Oliver Nelson the man, the myth, the pop-funk remix legend!  He’s all over The Kooks’ ‘Forgive & Forget’ with this one and it’s everything you’d expect.  Awesome track selection?  Check.  Bubbly synths?  Check.  Ready to kick off a pool party or take things up on a dance floor?  You bet your ass.

-It goes without saying that ZHU has been on the blow up lately, indeed we’ll likely look back on his releases as some of the defining of the year.  But what gets me really excited is the number of artists he’s been taking along with him via remixes.  Namely Bender.  This guy brings the grinding ‘Cocaine Model’ into a much more upbeat place, making this one of my favorite remixes of the bunch for it’s creativity and execution.

Woah that was a big one!  But if we had this many bangers coming out on the weekly we’d statistically have the whole world rump-shakin’ by the end of the year.  Thanks for checking it out, and if you want to follow along as I discover music throughout the week follow me on SoundCloud and I’ll fill your feed with disco-y goodness and plenty of other goodies.  Don’t stop dancin’!