By: Emily Ford

Denver’s own Zack Karuzas A.K.A Kruza Kid has graced us with another powerful linguistic treat. His debut LP from Mile High Sound Movement Records; Gemstyles is an enriching and positively uplifting experience from a talented MC with an admiral perspective. Hip-hop artist, Kruza Kid is Denver born and raised which is evident in each song, his words seem to have a way of taking you on a mellow sunset stroll around Wash Park or, whatever your daydream, this is it. Sit back and let Kruza take you on a colorful cruise around the stories of his day to day life while exploring his mind and metaphysics. In a world deafened by the popular mumble rap, Kruza Kid encourages you to explore the avenues of your own mind with his refreshing dose of contemplative lyrics and truly thoughtful poetry. 

Gemstyles is a varied 14 track journey with quite a few ups and downs loaded with local legends like: Brisco Jones, Transit, Project Aspect, Unlimited Gravity and, Precious Hill. That being said, there are a few songs in particular that I haven’t been able to get out of my head since first listen and are well worth highlighting. To start it off, “Play It Loud” sets the tone. Each lighthearted line becomes more and more deliberate as the song builds through his love of hip-hop, cannabis and the soul. This song only becomes better after watching the music video and getting an image of Kruza’s laid-back demeanor:

No Time For Nonsense” is the perfect remedy for a bad day. If you’re feeling lousy, (or amazing, either way it has the same effect.) do yourself a favor, twist up your favorite herbal antidote and let your worries drift away with every bar of this song. Kruza’s lyrics are profound and progressive while maintaining a constant mellow flow that sounds so perfectly natural. This is my personal favorite off the entire album because of its all encompassing Colorado-chill, mindful, slap a smile on your face kind of vibe.

Soul Shine” Feat. Precious Hill and Brisco Jones is a sensual smoke filled room that covers you in pure bliss. Hill’s soulful harmonic voice matched with vinyl scratches and smooth lyrics make this especially pleasing, do not skip this track.

Take my word for it or listen to “Gemstyles” here: