Jay Jaramillo, aka ProJect Aspect, is one of coolest cats in Denver. He may be a goofy individual who wears glasses, but he is also dripping with swag. The enjoyment from Jay’s stage presence is involuntary, and he adds an organic element to his electronic production by shredding the guitar over his heavily bass induced tracks. Along with being a leading member of the The Mile High Sound Movement, ProJect Aspect can be seen regularly on the town (when he isn’t on tour) either playing shows or supporting an impressive array of talented Denver homies. I see Jay from time to time and from what I can observe, Jay is a man of simple pleasures. He loves music, pizza, and his cat.

Jay just released a new album called Activated Surroundings on 1320 Records. Just in time for the summer, Activated Surroundings is a must have for any dedicated bass head. If you’re in need of mental or physical motivation, I recommend cranking this bad boy up like there’s no tomorrow. I listened to it when I went running the other day and didn’t feel like killing myself as much as I usually do. The album displays Jay’s classic energy and diversity, while expressing subtle notes  of evolving styles. Here are a handful of my favorites, but you can listen to the entire album on 1320‘s website where it is graciously available to download for free. “Bliznitz” has a bass line that sounds trippy and buoyant. It’s a perfect contrast of groove and glitch, with brain tickling synthesizers and unique sound sampling.“HIgha Than I’ve Ever Been” featuring the rap stylings of Kruza Kid, flows with special love for their city and the locals. You wouldn’t understand a line like “Cervantes, the only spot I know I can smoke safely” unless you live in Denver.“Cactapus” stands out rhythmically from the rest, and is contagiously catchy. A mandatory stop drop and groove track, with a beautiful blend of elated bass and melodic piano. “Like That” has a certain depth that gives me butterflies and includes a killer guitar solo.  My favorite track on the album is “Genies Booty Bounce.” Firstly because the track title includes the words booty bounce. Secondly, I love the ominous intro and the Middle Eastern nuances. Sign me up for anything that involves a sitar sample. Thirdly, this track has bass line cadences that would make even Mr. Lorin Ashton bob his head. Lastly, this song is down right sexy.

I hope you guys enjoy this album as much as I do. Jay, keep up the hustle my friend, for you are indeed killing it.