Everyone at Souls In Action was blown away by the response received when we gathered a team of about 20 to help at the annual Project Homeless Connect. Our partners from Sweetwine Entertainment Group, street teamers, friends, and many others that compose Souls in Action came out to represent.

PHC14 volunteers took over the Convention Center for two days to offer aid to the people of Denver’s homeless community. The first day was full of preparation; making sandwiches, setting up tables, and assembling gift bags with friends. On November 17, PHC14 had over 949 clients access resources that they need to help become self-sufficient and stay off the streets. Here is a peek at what those individuals were able to take advantage of:

 750 received needed clothing
 145 got their eyes checked
 380 attended the job fair
 230 received haircuts
 147 received help for their pets
 60 created resumes at the resume lab
 Much more! Including housing and ID services, VA assistance, healthcare, childcare, cell phones and benefits assistance

Who did the SIA family meet?


Sheryl is a 58 single woman. Her companion is a dog named Angel who she got from the Dumb Friends League about ten years ago. It was her first time at PHC after being laid off over a year ago. She suffers from many physical disturbances that prevent her from making it through a day of work. She had applied for Disability with the government, but was turned down. In the year she had waited for an appeal, she has been evicted. She forwards her mail to her friends home and spends her time at The Gathering Place and at a shelter. She has advocated for herself and done all the necessary steps to get herself back on her feet, she is just waiting for the system.



Mary is a woman who has a home, but it is not a stable situation. She is still thankful for what she has. She shows her gratitude by passing it on. She works for an organization that councils and assists teenagers who are homeless. She has a car and picked up nearly 9 of her youth to join her at PHC. Phil, who joined us from Sweetwine Entertainment, assisted her in not only getting services for herself, but also gathering information for her teens.



This smiling man introduced himself as Alfredo, Alfredo Fettuccini. That’s right, just like the sauce.

It is amazing to believe that we have gone back to our normal life, whatever that looks like, and will possibly forget the lessons we learned. Volunteering is about not only helping others, but helping your soul. Never forget the feeling you receive when you realize how simple and easy it is to help those around you. Realize that there are continuous ways to reach out to the homeless community and remember that this community is comprised of individuals who have experienced hardships that have deterred them. What can you do to give them a hand up like someone has probably done for you?