What happens when you give a casual commander some proper motion? Why, you get a Proper Commander, of course. Casual Commander, a relatively new project from Kevin Donohue, the guitarist of the acclaimed Boulder electro-rock group Sunsquabi, has been gaining steam in 2015 thanks to some talked-about local performances alongside some well-respected names. Some of the more recognizable names he’s played alongside, opened for, worked with, etc. are Big Gigantic, Pretty Lights, GriZ, Murphy of STS9, Up Until Now, Two Fresh, Conspirator, Michal Menert, Boombox, The Floozies, Archnemesis, Break Science, Minnesota, and Ghostland Observatory.

As far as Souls In Action artist Noah Marion, aka Proper Motion goes, just yesterday he released a new EP through the Church of Funk, entitled Riders On A New Wave: a soulful return to hip hop roots with a nice touch of modern electronic edge. A classically trained musician, Proper Motion’s fundamentals and understanding of music theory are evident through his production as well as his live sets, and he himself has shared the stage with Break Science, GRiZ, Chali 2na, PANTyRAiD, Big Gigantic, Lotus, Beats Antique, Sunsquabi and more. 

Don’t be absent when these two get together at The Armoury on Thursday, August 6th for what promises to be yet another night of awesome original Denver music. Tickets are just $5 at the door.

Who: Proper Motion, Casual Commander

Where: The Armoury

When: Thursday, August 6th – Doors at 9pm

Ages: 21+

Official Facebook Event