Welcome to the newest blog series from Souls In Action entitled ‘Pump the Jam’ – a blog dedicated to news, reviews, and general happenings from the world of jam music. This week’s episode is all about the live-tronica pioneers known as STS9 and their recent triumphant return to Red Rocks Amphitheater after splitting ways with bassist and co-founder David Murphy.

Lets rewind to the beginning of 2014. Following an epic five night new years run at the Tabernacle in Atlanta STS9 was poised to play two nights at the Belly Up Aspen and two nights at the Fillmore Auditorium when without any warning the band releases a statement announcing the departure of David Murphy. For many tribe-heads this was the end of everything sacred. Although it was released that the band was not over and that a replacement would be produced, many fans couldn’t accept the change and vowed that STS9 would never be as on point as they were before the break. Looks like they were wrong.

Going into theses shows I had pretty high expectations, sure they had played a free apology set in Vail earlier that April but that wasn’t enough to win me back. That being said, as soon as it was announced that the band would be bringing out ‘Axe the Cables’ each night I knew they meant business.

Both acoustic and electronic sets from this weekend were absolutely amazing. On a personal level the ‘Axe the Cables’ from the first night really spoke to me; acoustic Tap In, acoustic ReEmergence? Needless to say everything that came after was just gravy. Here are the full set lists for each night.


Set One (Axe the Cables): Lo Swaga, Kamuy, Red Clay, Glen Tells Kengo, Native End > ReEmergence, Tap In, 986 ft Tall Trees, Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature

Set Two: The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature, Blu Mood, T.W.E.L.V.E, Walk To The Light, Grow, New Dawn New Day > Surreality > EB, March

Set Three: Scheme Reprise, Evasive Maneuvers, Move My Peeps > Monkey Music, When The Dust Settles, What Is Love?, King Pharoah’s Tomb, ABCees

Encore: Somesing, South of Here


Set One (Axe the Cables): Human Abstract, Pianoir, Baraka, Crystal Instrument, Moonsocket > So It Goes > Equinox, Circus

Set Two: Totem, Untitled, Wika Chikana, F Word, Gobnugget, Vapors > Only Light Remains, Ramone & Emiglio, Rent > Moonsocket > Rent

Set Three: Click Lang Echo > Inspire Strikes Back, 20-12, Golden Gate, Four Year Puma, EHM, Frequencies Peace 2 > Frequencies Peace 3, World Go Round

Encore: Luma Daylight > Tokyo, Firewall

But before we go crazy and fanboy out, lets not forget there are still a lot of questions to answered surrounding David Murphy’s sudden decision to leave the band. Thankfully for us Anand Harsh from the Untz has just recently snagged the interview that we’ve all been waiting for where Murphy discusses his musical journey, what his plans are for the future, and why he left the band. You can listen to the entire 75 minute uncut interview by clicking here.

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