It was a sad day when it was announced that the NEW DEAL was to go on hiatus, ending a fourteen-year long streak of over 1,000 plus live shows – thankfully for the fans it only lasted two years. Hailing from Toronto this live-tronica trio is comprised of bassist Dan Kurtz, keyboardist Jamie Shields, and new drummer Joel Stouffer (original drummer Darren Shearer has decided to move on post hiatus – if you’re an avid fan of the band you might remember Joel Stouffer filling in for the NEW DEAL when Darren broke his hand in 2011).

The NEW DEAL has a style that is truly unique. They take genres many jam lovers dislike (trance, electro house, drum and bass, etc…) and give them a human quality; laying down hypnotic grooves with ambient undertones that creates a tasteful electronic music experience. It’s perhaps this ability to transcend genres that gives the NEW DEAL such a large appeal across different types of music lovers.


The featured video ‘TechnoBeam’ is a perfect example of the NEW DEALS ability to set up a groove that makes the listener feel like they’re onboard a train ride that keeps building steam, until the song ends that is. Give it a listen, check out their catalogue of music, and for all our Colorado readers don’t forget to catch these guys open up for Big Gigantic at Rowdy Town III on Saturday.

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