If you were to hear that Dopapod was coming to your town would you be excited? Because you definitely should be. Very few jam bands can capture the maturity Dopapod brings to the table so early in their careers, and even fewer can maintain a rigorous touring schedule while still finding time to write fresh material that doesn’t feel rushed, or half done. Hailing from Boston the quartet known as Dopapod has been on a blaze of glory across the country boasting an impressive 150 plus shows each year for the past four years. It’s this dedication, and commitment to keep their musical vision grassroots at heart that has built Dopapod a solid fan base across the country.

In true Dopapod form the band is also on the verge of releasing another new album ‘Never Odd or Even’ which is poised to drop November 11th of this year. ‘Never Odd or Even’ marks the bands 4th studio release following the critically acclaimed ‘Redivider’ which was self recorded on Tyrone farm in Connecticut and really re-established the band as master songwriters. All of this is to say that ‘Never Odd or Even’ might blow a fuse in the most seasoned jam fanatics mind, and will most certainly propel the band to new heights going into the new year. The featured song ‘Picture in Picture’ is from the bands aforementioned upcoming album, but to get a true feel for Dopapod‘s glory kick back and listen to their full set from Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT.

For all of my Colorado readers you’re in luck, Dopapod will be playing both nights (October 10th & 11th) of  Cervantes’ Sonic Blossom festival, don’t miss your chance to see such talented act at a small intimate venue.

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