One of the hottest bands to come out of Colorado’s jam scene in recent years is The Motet, and if you still haven’t heard of this band then you need to get out from under that rock you’ve been living under. Founded and led by drummer Dave Watts over ten years ago The Motet has developed a style that relies heavily on rhythm and groove, while still keeping the focus on the quality of the song. “We realized how effective a great song is on a crowd,” says Watt “Instead of just the energetics we’re used to bringing with improvising, soloing, and extended arrangements, we really decided to focus on tunes, because we understand how powerful a great song is.”

There’s no doubt that this tactic has taken the band to new heights. 2014 saw the band really start to break out from playing to a sold out crowd at Red Rocks with Umphrey’s McGee to their upcoming sold out Halloween run in Boulder and Denver The Motet has taken the leap and is quickly becoming a household name for any jam enthusiast.

The Motet‘s newest self titled album features contributions in songwriting and arranging from each member from the band and is a statement of the bands ability to push the sonic envelope while staying true to the musical traditions that defined their sound. The album was also produced completely analog, giving it a warm sound reminiscent of the classic records from the 70’s.

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