The violin, as an instrument, is making a serious comeback. Not that it was ever lost in the first place, but one cannot deny the instruments sudden rise in contemporary popularity.  Powerhouse Artists such as Andrew Bird, and Lindsey Sterling have revived the mainstream’s love for the instrument, and its bringing light to others who are utilizing its musical power to enthrall and captor an audience of their own.

Hannah Epperson keeps it sweet and simple.  This Vancouver based bombshell, and one of Canada’s “Top Artists to Watch in 2013,” uses only her voice, instrument, and loop pedal, to delight and enchant the ears of any listener. She began to pursue her solo project while taking a break from her studies in Human Geography, and it didn’t take long for her work to be recognized by Western Canada’s music scene. Epperson recently returned from three cross Canada tours, supporting musical acts by the orchestral folk-pop ensemble Morlove and progressive rock group We Are The City. Her solo performances are tasteful and intimate.  Her style is sophisticated and soul stirring.

As of now, her only release is a 5-track “Home Batch” EP, all of which was composed, performed, home-recorded, and home assembled by Hannah.  The album has a great range of rhythms, all of which are flawlessly complimented by her sweet and angelic voice.  Her originality is evident, and her ability to provide such a unique musical experience is star worthy.  If every young female artist portrayed music the way Hannah does, this world would probably be a better place.  Creating Music that evokes thought, peace, inspiration, and contentment. She utilizes her violin in a very inviting and unique way, building layer upon layer of lush indie soundscapes.  Watching her play is truly comparable to watching an artist with a paintbrush create a masterpiece.

Hannah will be releasing a 2-track EP in early November called “BURN,” which will feature producer STINT’s darker electronic stylings. Hopefully it won’t be too long before Hannah starts touring in the U.S.! In the meantime, don’t forget to check out some of her videos for an in-depth look at her production techniques, and stay up to date on all of her music and tour information on facebook and soundcloud.