Under Review: RE:UP Ft. Love and Light

RE:UP Wednesdays at 1Up Colfax was a headliner show this week. They brought a ludicrously cool act by the name of Love and Light to the stage along with Soulacybin, and Samo Sound Boy.

I did my usual thing of meandering around, taking photos, and actually had the good sense to take a break from photographing and dance for a little bit.

Love and Light is exactly my type of groove. They were very bass heavy music with some catchy beats and I couldn’t help but put my mediocre dance skills to the test.

I was pleased to be able to meet the two of them and they were very cool dudes. The two of them are mutual friends with one of my close friends. After the show we got to stand in the rain with some of the fans and one of the duo and trade jokes with one another. It was a pretty great night.

I also enjoyed both of the other two openers however I didn’t get to see their full sets.

Check out some of the photos of the night and send me some positive energy so I can get a better lens to bring you higher quality photos with more of the action!

See you guys up there next Wednesday!