Under Review: Re:Up Wednesday Ft. Freddy Todd, Muzzy, and Marcelo Moxy


This show completely pulled the rug out from under my feet. Last Wednesday I was treated to seeing two new artists that absolutely blew my mind. I didn’t have a chance to see too much of Marcello Moxy’s set but I could hear that it was rowdy.

The show itself was almost shoulder to shoulder packed, but the energy of the crowd was very upbeat, lots and lots of dancing taking place. I met some pretty cool new people as well.

By the time I got ready steady to take some shots and join the show Muzzy was taking the stage. Muzzy, for those who are unaware, jams with some other funky artists, and even does some guitar work for GRiZ. I had not heard of this artist before, but I wish I had. I legitimately needed to put my camera away for a portion of his set to just get down and dance. His set was funky, bass laden, soulful, and allover epic. Unfortunately I only able to pay attention to that small portion of his set. Once I get back behind my camera I basically tune everything out except for what’s on the screen in front of me; I did however get some killer photos of him shredding on the guitar, so totally worth it.

Freddy Todd took the stage right after that and for the 3/4ths of his set I was glued to my camera but after I got my shots I got some dancing in. He, as well, took me by surprise.  His set was pumped, super glitchy, and extremely conducive to some grimey dance moves from some of the better dancers. I haven’t heard much glitch-hop lately that I’ve really enjoyed, but I really enjoyed Freddy Todd. Please do check him out.

The rest of the night was spent chatting with some amiable new folks, awkwardly standing outside trying to find space to smoke with my friends (seriously shoulder to shoulder jam packed) and meeting up with the bar manager who was an incredibly friendly dude.

All in all good night.

10/10 would do it again. Would pay money to see them again as well.

If I saw you out there last Wednesday, thanks for saying hi!

If I haven’t met you yet come and say hey next week!

And if you can try and make it out to Denver Cruisers this Wednesday before the show with Anna Lunoe, Need & Necessity, IOWNO (Get it Brad!), and Marcello Moxy.

All photos credit of myself, Beyond Bounds Photography.