Under Review: Summer Poolside Series July 13th

This week was the first week I had a chance to make it out to the Summer Poolside series up at EXDO Event Center and all I can say is WOW!

No long article to read here. Too busy picking my jaw up off the floor. Instead I will leave you with a short article.

I had such a fun time this Sunday! I met a lot of cool new people and saw some old, OLD friends. One in specific being Catch Lungs who I have known since I was but a wee tyke. People were friendly, the drinks were strong, and I won at volleyball pong.

If I didn’t have my camera with me I would’ve tried to do a little bit of slip’n’sliding but I got some photos instead. Almost as fun. I hope the photos I took do it justice.

I had to leave early for a concert but even in that three hours I was blown away. Sunsquabi took the stage about twenty minutes before I needed to bounce and they rocked as usual. I saw a bunch of the S.i.A. crew and shared a couple drinks with them. And I am overjoyed to say that this party hasn’t even ended yet! I can’t imagine how fun the coming one is going to be.

Come catch the last Poolside of the year this Sunday, August 10th!  Where we’ll be celebrating with none other than Redman himself!

The $1oo Redman VIP package is really where you want to be, it  includes an exclusive download of “Muddy Waters 2″ the mixtape.  In addition, VIP buyers will enjoy the Deep Eddy Vodka lounge with complimentary drinks.

Included in the VIP specialty bag:

1 Hard Copy CD
1 Limited Edition MW2 T Shirt
1 Limited Edition MW2 Beanie
1 REDMAN Sticker Pack
1 Medtainer Grinder
1 Pack of REDMAN Rolling Papers
3 Premium NOBLE cigars
1 Personalized Autographed Poster

Grab yourself some tickets while you can this one is going to absolutely go off!

Muddy-Waters-Pool-Party  large