The Levitt Pavilion Denver will break ground on a state-of-the-art amphitheater in Ruby Hill Park in 2015. And it’s going to be Denver’s next great outdoor concert venue. When it opens in 2016, Levitt Pavilion Denver will provide 50 free concerts a year to 7,500 people, an estimated value of $23.5 million dollars worth of concert tickets.

Ruby Generations is a grassroots fundraising campaign aimed at engaging and educating the local music scene.  Ruby Generations is comprised of individuals immersed in Denver’s music culture. They are helping attack the fundraising goal in several ways.  First, they want you and everyone you know to find out more about Levitt Pavilions to find out more about this great civic space and make a donation.

They will also be kicking off monthly events starting with an album release on Saturday, November 22nd at Bar Red.  The first volume, which features electronic music, will benefit the building of Levitt Pavilion Denver.  The event will include an album viewing, an art display by Someday K, and live performances from the albums’ Colorado native artists. Music lovers can be assured that their donate and attendance to this event will directly sponsor free music for themselves and future generations for years to come! A $20 bill gets you entry to the event, a digital download of the album, and a permanent guest-list spot at Levitt Pavilions!

If you would like to donate your space for fundraising shows, your time as an artist, or as a volunteer please contact Ruby Generations through: 

For more information on the Levitt Pavilion please visit:

WHO:  Ruby Generations presents: Tnertle, Vibe Street, Kinetic Groove, Sonic Geometry, and Dawn Breakers

WHAT:  Ruby Generations Album Vol .1 Release Party, presented Ruby Generations benefitting the Levitt Pavilion Denver.

WHERE:  Bar Red, 437 West Colfax, Denver, CO 80204

WHEN:  Saturday, November 22, 2014 7:00 p.m. to close.

TICKETS: $20.  Register at