Today, we are back to the mind boggling performance style of post. It’s been too long. But I have really been digging what sssShawnnn has been putting out lately. Really pushing the knife on the boundaries between live performance and electronic music. He stepped in to fill the void when Jonah left the band Pinn Panelle, which is a fantastic electronic band. But as you can see in the video, he really is quite multi talented. Performed on two MIDI Fighters, an Xbox controller, a PS3 controller, a cup and his hands, and OF COURSE a Rubix cube, this mashup is insane. It makes Madeon look like a child (alright, Madeon ALREADY looks like a child, but you get the point.)

This video really makes me question some very important issues though. Why does my Mac’n Cheese never taste that good. Have I been doing Mac’n Cheese wrong this whole time?! I also really want his recipe for Pizza Rolls.

Till next week,

Happy Saturday from Static.something