So I’m going to start a new category of posts. MUTINY (Mostly Useless Toys I Need Yesterday) seems like an appropriate acronym.

I won’t deny it, there are a ton of things that I want, and almost all of them are somehow musically related. I would, however, make the argument that most of the things that I want are somehow useful. However, there are several things that I want that I could absolutely not give you a practical use for, and yet I want them all the same.

A perfect example of this would be the “Pyro Board” as made by the Physics education youtube phenomenon Fysikshow. As I’m sure most of my readers aren’t QUITE as nerdy as me, I’m going to assume that most of you also don’t want to hear a long winded explanation of how it works, which is totally fine, because I’m perfectly content to just ooh and aah with the rest of you on this one, rather than try to explain to you that there are standing waves in two directions on this box that can be changed by the air pressure increasing or decreasOK WAKE UP, I’ll stop I promise. But basically, it’s just adding another level of complexity to the classic Rubens’ tube. If you want to know about it in depth, you can check out an interview about it here. But as you can clearly see, this is a perfect example of a Mostly Useless Toy I Needed Yesterday.

Much love,


P.S. FIRE!!!!