SURPRISE! Guess who’s back?!

If you guessed me, well I guess you’d be sort of right, but I was really referring to “Neville Clonebottom”. Nev is back with another amazing launchpad video, this time commissioned by the artist of the original track, Arty.If you haven’t already watched this video several times, I honestly can’t express my concern for the fact that you’re not doing anything with your life. The link is above. Watch it.

I can’t even express how proud of this kid I am. He’s got more talent than just about anyone else I know. All I can say is this: Never stop expecting huge things from Nev, because he is going to be running this game a couple years from now, doing things bigger and better than anyone out there right now can even imagine.

BUT! It’s actually been quite a busy week in the launchpad world (hence me sneaking back onto the SIA blog despite the hundreds of other things I really should be doing right now). M4sonic just dropped his new original launchpad video, Chaos, on Ultra Music. Another artist with unsurmountable skill, M4sonic has really been bridging the gap between electronic music, and live performance since he first came on the scene a couple years ago.

Finally R!ot really does an amazing job of taking his amazing brand of composition that is really like nothing else out there, and bringing it to life through the launchpad. While he doesn’t have quite the lighting flare that Nev’s videos have, or the technical beast mode that M4sonic boasts, there is something undeniable about the aesthetic and creativity that is evidenced by his videos. Check out his new tune, In the Sky.

Happy Saturday! (yeah, I still got 12 minutes left 😉