It’s no secret that for some time now, I’ve been quite disenchanted with the lack of progress and forward motion in much of the music industry. There is so much technology out there that the possibilities are endless. But as I like to say, technology brings two primary choices. You can either use it to cheat, or you can use it to push the bounds of what is currently possible. I feel that much “live music” these days is taking the first route, opting for using the sync button it Traktor, as opposed to doing live looping and using the drum sequencer to try something that they have never done before, and playing around with things live. Because it’s LIVE. I feel like it’s been a while since there was a TRULY groundbreaking act in this industry. There are definitely those who have pushed the bounds, and I love them for it. But when will someone shatter those barriers altogether?

Now, I have to confess that I get upset when people misrepresent the word “live.” There are very few DJ’s I have worked with that I would say play live. They may mix well, but they don’t play live. The video embedded on this post is live music. It’s actually a performance. There’s more room for error, and for PLAY, than just cueing the next track in at the right time. And Vox Atomic even includes a pear in his setup, so you know it’s good!

I know that at this point, this blog entry is just a giant rant, but let me ask you a question: What’s really more impressive, and deserving of merit. Something that is artificially perfect thanks to quantization and obsessive pitch correction, or something that has soul, groove, and spirit through it 100%. I think that the human element is more important than the fake perfection. I think the small little mistakes give it character. If someone can exactly duplicate your “performance,” (like you do every single night of the tour) I question why you are getting paid $70,000 per show.

much love for you guys as always (even though I probably sound like a grumpy old man),