So it’s Sunday. Sue me. I started this post on Friday, but was unable to finish it due to a lack of internet access while working in the mountains. On that note, I had hoped to share something with you that is very exciting, but it’s not quite ready. So in its place, I decided to cover a bit of a classic in terms of immersive live media.

Excision. This dude is fantastic at bringing us things that have not been seen before. Two things in particular. The Executioner Tour, and Destroid. The Executioner Tour brought one of the most expressive, immersive displays of projection mapping to live music seen to this point. If you haven’t seen it live, you should at least check out some of the videos of the footage. Here is the trailer, and some footage from the show in Denver. Quite the production. But if you’re looking for something more from Excision, look no further than his collaboration with Downlink and KJ Sawka.

Destroid. Electronic music brought to life. Personally, this is one of the acts to see on my bucket list. Not only is it live electronic music, they also have a story behind the whole thing, which just makes the experience that much more immersive. They dress up in Alien suits with more technology embedded in them than your car. And I do have an eternal affinity for electronic music. But honestly, I have so much more respect for live performance of music, particularly in conjunction with collaboration. Live music performed through Ableton via custom controllers as a collaboration between musical artists is something special, especially when done with such high production value. If you want to see how it’s done, check out the behind the scenes videos, starting here.

As always, stay classy friends!