That’s right ladies and gentleman, boys and girls we are super proud to present the Official SnowBall Scavenger Hunt!  This coming Sunday, March 30th in Denver, CO we’ll be rewarding those with knowledge of the city and the tenacity to follow our clues with some sweet prizes.

The Short Version:

Grand Prize: VIP Pass to SnowBall 2014 for two lucky winners

Plus tons of other prizes like: SnowBall GA passes, entry to select SIA and official SnowBall after party events, swag from SnowBall sponsors and much more TBA.

The Hunt starts at Noon on March 30th.

Basically we’ll tweet and instagram pictures of where the first prizes are, you can then go to that location get your prize and move on to the next location.  So be sure to follow @soulsinaction on twitter for clues.

The Long Version:

Starting at noon you can follow our series of twitter pictures to different stations around Denver, to collect different prizes available at each station.  You must go to each station in the order that we tweet them as the prizes will get sweeter and sweeter at each station (no skipping ahead to the grand prize people, and we will check).  Once you’ve collected your prize at a station just snap a selfie with the SIA worker at each station and tweet that @soulsinaction and @itssnowball and move on to the next station.  The first two individuals to get through all four stations will win our grand prize of a VIP pass each to SnowBall 2014!

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post stated the 31st as the date. It is in fact SUNDAY March 30th!