Every twenty-four hour day is a tremendous gift to us.
So we all should learn to live in a way that makes joy and happiness possible.
We can do this
Thich Nhat Hanh

Greetings, gorgeous music lover, at this moment you are reading and listening to SOUL JUICE|Future R&B/Soul Music blog brought to you by Denver-based DJ/Vocalist & Producer Jilly.fm with Souls In Action Entertainment.

From the start of December 2014, I took a step away from the Mile High City to restore my creative battery life and spend valuable time with my immediate family, who reside in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I live and breathe with my Aunt, Uncle, and their three beautiful babies. All five of them have guided me through a refreshing new chapter and quest in coming back to Denver with a happier, healthier heart.

In honor of my time and experience here in Australia, I’ve chosen to shed spotlight love on a local Australian R&B artist: Jordan Rakei.

If Rakei’s vocal timbre were a flavor, it would taste of milk and honey from outer space. Essentially, it’s so out of this world, I’ve never come across another male vocalist who sounds like him. The Brisbane native is also an impressive Composer, Instrumentalist, Songwriter, Producer, and wise collaborator, who writes Neo-Soul & R&B songs with a tasteful touch of Reggae-Jazz fusion. In 2013, he jumped onto the scene with his beautifully written first EP, Franklin’s Room, and now he’s returned with his second EP, Groove Curse, released through Brisbane label/management, Soul Has No Tempo.

In its entirety, Groove Curse sounds like Sunday morning sunshine; Colorado sunsets; the Milky Way Galaxy; my first love; and reminds me of why I decided to become a serious musician at eight years old. All five tracks showcase his gracious ability in creating a pure, effortless flow of quality sound art. From the beginning track, “Street Light”, featuring Producer/Vocalist and Instrumentalist, Gwen Bunn (badass Co-Producer of Schoolboy Q‘s “Collard Greens”) to “Add The Bassline”, the EP’s hypnotic finale, I guarantee you’ll be cast under the greatness of Groove Curse by this Aussie sweetheart.

Listen to more of Jordan Rakei on his collaborations and remixes with some of the grooviest cats in the creation game, including my personal faves: French Kiwi Juice (FKJ), Moods, plus esta. and StarRo from Los Angeles cult label, Soulection.

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