“Getting in touch with the beauty of nature makes life much more beautiful, much more real, and the more mindful and concentrated you are, the more deeply the sunset will reveal itself to you.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

Greetings, love lights and music lovers!
This is my last full day in the spirit city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, and what a life-changing experience it has been. From falling in love, to living a week in a Karen Village doing community work and traversing uncharted mountain territories led by a baby elephant, Pensuala, to even crossing the border into Siem Reap, Cambodia for a 5-day adventure seeing temples and stepping into a fresh new chapter of life. Damn. My heart is full.

Throughout my entire travels, music has played an essential part of my experience, especially the Future R&B Flavors. With that in mind, here are my picks for the ‘Top *9* Travel Mixes’ to empower your Future R&B thirst with your travels around the world. Embrace your freshness, take a deep breathe and press play.

*In Thai culture, lucky no. 9 is considered an extremely important number that brings forth great fortune, and represents great significance in the ancient traditions of Buddhism.*

1. Mura Masa For John Elliot + Co Exclusive Mix
Mura Masa may be a youngin, but his songs reveal the depth of his old soul. The beginning of this mix captures the ‘beauty of nature’ which I don’t find to be common in many R&B mixes nowadays. Cheers to you, Mura Masa. PS: Check out John Elliot + Co, a sexy modern men’s clothing line that designs with the future in mind.

2. HYPETRAK Mix: Fwdslxsh – Before The Fall
-I expect BIG THINGS for UK Producer, Fwdslxsh, also part of the artist collective, Last Night In Paris. This is his HYPETRAK Mix before his just released debut EP “The Fall“, a cosmic sonic love affair.

-She’s a local Thai DJ and musician who frequently gigs in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Her mixtape “FUTURE, BONG, AND BASS” has been a real soul juice treat to enjoy while waiting in long ass lines at the border crossings and airport terminals. Thank you DJ BABYSCA$H.

4. GXNXVS • Mutual Friends Mix #2
-Gold Coast producer and mixing mastermind, GXNXVS has a special way of blending R&B, Pop and Hip-Hop into a magical milkshake that I just want to keep drinking over and over again. His Mix #2 for Australian management/touring/”evening aficionados” group, Mutual Friends, throws down some great tunes from the legends of Destiny’s Child to Pomo to Bondax, it’s a fucking dream.

5. Soulection Radio Show #206 w/ Chris McClenney & Da-P
-I will forever be in love with Soulection. Enough said.

6. Leo Kalyan – Stranger Mixtape
Leo Kalyan is by far my favorite new artist of 2015. Look out for a future SOUL JUICE post dedicated to this beautiful human.

7. Jilly.fm Radioset #1
-Holla ‘atcha girl yo! I made Radioset #1 when I was living in my first apartment, inhaling too much coffee and (never enough) ganja, always wearing my bathing suit (pretending my world was at the beach), and at the end of it all, obsessing over the art of mixing DJ sets with deeper meaning and purpose.

8. Les Beats: Kaytranada – April 12th (DJ Set)</
-Be sure to catch Kaytranada LIVE at the 1UP-Colfax in Denver, CO on Thursday, March 12th! Supported by SIA’s very own Milky.wav and Azon Classic. Come find me at this show and lets get our groove on boo.

9. alaya radio: 021 – SAVON
alaya is a fantastic company that focuses on music promotion and the importance of sharing “music we love for people we love”. They feature many fresh producers and artists, including SAVON, the future of AGO music collective out of West Michigan.

Note: Keep in mind to drop the headphones once in a while and soak up the sounds of the environment you’re traveling within. It never hurts to wake up with the sounds of life at 4am and go watch the sunrise. Bask in the glory of our natural world. Happy travels.

Stay tuned to your magic <3•

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