Our Blog Contributor Devin Taylor has updated our Spotify Playlist: Sounds Of Souls. Here are his 5 additions for this week:

“Panther Like a Panther” – Run The Jewels (Miracle Mix) (feat. Trina) : RTJ 3

Find another duo out right now with three consistently improving albums that brings a level of energy to every verse and hook like Run The Jewels. I’ll wait here forever because you will be hard pressed to find anyone close. RTJ is back and firing even harder on all cylinders with their third installment. One of my stand out tracks is the braggadocious track feat my ex-wcw, Trina. This track makes you just want to go out and get it with an untouchable ego. 

“Blood On Me” – Sampha : Process

Come the end of 2017, you will hear Sampha’s name brought up in the conversation of “The 50 Best Albums of 2017”. I have no doubts in my mind. Sampha came through and orchestrated a masterpiece that separates itself from most genres and sounds. Each track dwells into a different human emotion and Blood On Me is one I can definitely relate to. Blood On Me roots itself in the feeling of anxiety and unsureness. Despite the negativity of the two emotions, Sampha finds a way to bring it all together and make it feel realistically overcomable.

“Sacrifices” – Big Sean (feat. Migos) : I Decided

Big Sean’s latest album, I Decided, has been receiving mixed reviews from some but in my eyes, this is his best conceptual album yet. The way Sean decided to get some of today’s hottest producers and lay down the consistent level of quality bars is what made this album come together smoothly. It is easy to relate to a Big Sean track, but nothing gets me working like Sacrifices. Everything about this track screams motivation. At first, I thought Migos wouldn’t fit this track but the energy the trapping trio brings makes more sense now more than ever.

“Alotta Women / Useless” – Matt Martians (feat. Kari Faux) : The Drum Chord Theory  

The Internet is critically acclaimed as one of the best bands out right now. If you don’t believe me, check out their sold out shows or grammy nominations. Fully aware of what the group is capable of as a unit, I was interested in what their solo efforts would sound like. Matt Martians was the first up to drop a solo project and it all makes sense to why this group operates so damn well. Vibes all over this album. Especially on the beat switching track, Alotta Women / Useless featuring one of my favorites, Kari Faux. You can’t help but nod your head to this one.



“Show You The Way” – Thundercat (feat. Kenny Loggins & Michael McDonald) : Drunk 

Thundercat was silent for most of 2016. As much as I missed the melodic melodies of the infamous Thundercat, I knew he was cooking up something special taking that much time off. I’ll be damn if I wasn’t right! February 24 will mark the release date for his fourth studio album “Drunk”. Having released three singles including “Them Changes” and “Bus in These Streets”, the latest single “Show You The Way” is literally one of Thundercat’s best singles and collaborations to date. I’m talking about Thundercat, Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald on the same track. Need I say more?