This post will be short, as I’m in between duties currently. But Snowball is RAGING right now. Last night, the whole day was incredible. HeRobust opened up the event on the Groove stage to rave reviews. Jimkata and the Floozies both raged hard. GTA was unbelievable. Mimosa practically smoked the whole place down in the Groove Tent, and Knife Party closed out the night hard (although without Rob). But the night didn’t end there. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Snowball afterparties, but there are some ragers. I ended up providing gear for Mimosa to play at Cervantes last night, which was RAGING. Then on the other side, you also had Sunsquabi, so I just had to keep going back and forth.

Today, Sunsquabi opened in fantastic form. Technicolor killed it, as did STRFKR. Brother Ali gave me the chance to bring out our turntables, and damn was Precisions’s scratching on point. After that, my job on mainstage being done for the day, I headed over to Kill the Noise. Jake crushed as always.

And here I am,exhausted, watching Pretty lights in the distance, writing this blog. Souls Fam, you know I love you. Keep it real y’all.

Much love,