I’ve heard Sofia Soubrette described thus: “she laughed, she sang, her tits made you go dang.” And she is indeed a triple threat. Trained in musical theatre at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York, Sofia emcees a few of our shows and channels Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson, and Judy Garland in equal measure. She can chug an entire PBR in one gulp, and then she can smash the can between her boobs. Parties are not dull with her around.

Don’t be fooled, though. Sofia’s more than just a ribald wit with a Hell of a set of both pipes and… that other set. As our box office (we like to call it the Fox Office) manager, she’s our behind-the-scenes Mama Fox. We’d have no audience if it weren’t for Sofia; after all, with no one to manage the box office, the audience wouldn’t get their tickets. And just last month, Ms. Soubrette became Mrs. St. Pierre when she married Naughty Pierre, our beloved emcee, in a low-key, intimate ceremony (if by low-key and intimate you mean close to a hundred showgirls, carnies, and performers hooting and whistling as their beloved emcees made an honest man and woman of each other, respectively). Her life is kind of a cabaret fairytale. Like if Moulin Rouge had ended happily. Of if Sally Bowles had had her act together.

I don’t even think Sofia knows this, but I learned to do dramatic eye makeup by furtively watching her do hers before shows. So I was pretty jazzed to learn more of her style secrets.

sofia 7


TM: Tell me about your biggest aesthetic disaster, whether it was over-plucked brows or the eyeliner that gave you pinkeye.

SS: Once my nose ring closed up and I had to “pop” it back open myself. Gross. Probably not what you meant? Beauty hurts.

sofia 2

TM: Is there any music you like to listen to in order to get pumped for a performance?

SS: I like to watch Family Guy or Food Network! But seriously, I like getting ready by focusing on things that have nothing to do with the performance. I tend to internalize my anxiety, and the more something is allowed to stew in my head, the worse I feel. Distracting myself with non-showbiz stuff while I get ready really keeps my busy mind from freaking out or over-thinking something.

sofia 4

TM: What does your health and beauty regimen look like? What products work for you? More importantly, what habits work for you?

SS: I’ll try any and all products – my makeup collection includes dollar store stuff all the way to Christian Dior. More than labels, I like colors and textures. The best beauty habit I ever learned was from my mother: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! If you don’t want to look old and worn out, put some lube on that face!


TM: Tell me about the relationship between your everyday self and your stage persona.

SS: My stage persona is sort of a mature version of my younger self, if that makes any sense. She’s wilder than I am now, but more responsible (and smarter/sassier/sharper/more jaded) than I was in my 20s. She’s the party girl I probably might be if I had stayed single. She’s not my counterpart, just another facet of me.

sofia 5

TM: How do you describe your burlesque style?

SS: My mom once told me like I looked like a “Jewelry Box Reject”… she meant it as critique of my sparkles and shine, but it’s totally influenced my stage style. Jo Weldon says that the reason we add glimmer, rhinestones, and sequins is to reflect the spotlight back out to the audience – I really love her idea and the visual of sharing the light with the crowd.

sofia 6Catch Sofia in Naughty Pierre’s Burlesque and Comedy Extravaganza on Thursday nights at 8 p.m., Midnite Martini’s Sexy Circus Sideshow on Friday nights at 11 p.m., and Off the Clock Late Night Burlesque Show on Saturdays at 11 p.m.