The young gentleman behind the oracular sounds of Templo Music is Denver’s own Liam Shea, a promising producer with a style and vision well beyond his years, who blew us all away at the #SoulsRising stage. If you haven’t heard of this kid by now, you ought to step up your Downtempo game a tad. Templo has played a number of notable shows this year, including sets at music festivals such as Gem & Jam, Sonic Bloom, Arise, and alongside prestigious artists like Plantrae, Robotic Pirate Monkey, Random Rab, and Russ Liquid – just to name a few.

Templo’s third and most recent EP dropped two days ago, and it’s not only a great introductory musical experience for any new  listener, but also affirmation for his already faithful fan base that he is on the right track and we should expect many great things to come from this, dare I say, undeniably heady lad. “Time To Fly” is just over fifteen minutes worth of auditory bliss.

Each track is eclectic in it’s own way, yet coincides with the rest to create a very deep and healing feeling. Musical medicine, if you will. The first track “Breeeth” annotates this idea meticulously, reverberating a calm and steady, yet contagiously buoyant bass line. Any Tipper fan should be able to audibly recognize nuances of influence in this track as well.  “Orangatang” is equally as inviting, especially in the intro, but has a slightly more upbeat pace throughout its duration with very intricate layers of eerily melodious soundscapes.  The ambience continues with the third track “Sounds From The Deep.” The track title pretty much sums it up, close your eyes while listening and you’ll be taken on a meditative journey. With rhythmic dimensions that keep your ears guessing, this beautiful track transcends musical expectation.

This is everything that I want in my downtempo experience. Perhaps the world would be a better place if more electronic music was as conscious and divine as this. The last track “Wake Up Time” brings the listener full circle, resulting in complete musical satisfaction. This track is calm and collected, a true representation of the expression “less is more.” One of my favorite elements of Templo’s music is that it doesn’t sound like he’s trying too hard, he keeps it delectably simple. I encourage you to the fullest to see him perform and witness his very unique energy. Not to mention, there may or may not be future plans of implementing some organic instruments into his live game. Even though he can definitely hold his own, I would love to see what he could do with a live band. *Commence Goosebumps*

Liam is kind enough to offer all of his music for free, so be sure to like his Facebook, follow his Soundcloud, and download “Time To Fly” in order stay up to date on this avidly promising producer, who is slowly but surely becoming a leader in the next generation of Downtempo Music.