I know that I might be starting to sound like a broken record player over here, but I seriously can’t get enough Templo in my life and in my ears. Liam Shea has become the standard in terms of performance support for all of the “Heady” artists who come through Colorado these days. Which should come as no surprise when one considers not only the quantity, but the quality of music that this young producer has managed to release in less than a year.

Sunrise Vol. II, released this morning on SoundCloud is my favorite Templo album to date. It’s short and sweet, and leaves a lingering craving for more. While announcing the release of the new album last week, Liam described it as “made special for the early morning,” which after listening could not be a more accurate statement. Morning music is like breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day. Listening to the right music in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day, so why not start it off on the most positive note possible? I personally enjoy practicing yoga in the mornings, so coming across music that is mellow yet uplifting is very exciting for me. While it may have been made with the morning in mind, its still equally as enjoyable to listen at the end of the day.

The first track on the album called “Mai Dai,” might be my favorite. An ambient and inviting introduction, its so good right from the start. Its definitely more melodic than what I’m used to hearing from Templo, which solidifies his range and talent as a producer. This track has kind of a Tycho vibe, which may be the reason I’m so into it. “Morning Friend” has fantastic contrast and some really soft and airy vocals that compliment the track flawlessly.  “Peaking Over” is simple yet engaging, the exact kind of music that I want to be listening to during a sunrise set at a music festival. With some subtly galactic sounding samples here and there, its as if Templo is poking you on the shoulder to remind you of his quirky side. “Something Like Us” has a beautiful introduction, and includes hints of Templo’s classic sound. I always respect an artist with variety in their production, but I also love being able to hear a track and recognize the style of the producer. I believe that having a distinguishable sound as an artist is essential for setting yourself apart from similar producers and developing a loyal fan base. You want to be the one sticking out, not the one imitating. The final track “You Saved Me,” just makes me want to hug somebody. Its chill, catchy, and seamlessly composed. Overall, the album is delightfully intriguing and astonishingly satisfying. Do yourself a solid and download the album here for the convenient price of $Free.99

I’m stoked to see what the summer has in store for Templo. I really enjoy watching good things happen to good people, and Liam is as good as it gets. Be sure to give him your support because man, he deserves it! Plus that way when he blows up and becomes one the biggest names in Downtempo, you can say you listened to him before it was the “cool” thing to do.