Well folks, it’s April! The teasing whisper of Spring is in the air, and the budding garden of musical anticipation is in bloom. This is an important time of the year to explore your musical interests, and compile a fresh palette of playlists going into the summer.  While I find myself getting distracted by all the big festival and summer tour announcements, I remind myself that I need to take the time to discover the underrated artists in my own backyard. Which in a town like Denver, is almost impossible to keep up with. One such artist that has caught my recent attention is a local college student named Hunter Long. Hunter spent two weeks in Ethiopia shortly after graduating high school, and discovered the meaning of the Amharic word for “Hope,” TESFA. Hence, the title of his musical persona.

TESFA has given souls in action the privilege of exclusively releasing his most recent track “Juniper,” available for free download via Soundcloud. This track is an audial gem from start to finish. A groovy rhythm, flawlessly accompanied by an infectious bassline.  As I find myself chilling out from my crazy raving bass head days, this is the kind of bass that now satisfies my newfound musical maturity. Not too much, not too little…the just the right amount. Juniper features samples from Ladyhawke and Night Light, both providing contrast and compliment to the electronic progressions. Here is a statement from Hunter regarding his thoughts and intention behind the new track:

“This song is based off of the double edge sword of technology. So many people are so wrapped up in themselves and the image they build on the Internet. They pay so much attention to that image, they forget to build their reality with the same care and attention. If more people spent time creating their actual reality, they would find out that with a little hard work anything is possible. On the other hand, never before have ideas been so easily shared amongst individuals. We can do this on a very democratic level with no middle man controlling our content. We finally have something working on the people side, something that much like our awakening is uncontainable. It’s like standing in a river trying to catch all the water by cupping your hands. I hope to help this world with my music.  I believe it can help spread love, hope and respect. Most of all I just really hope it brings a smile to your face and a bob to your head.”

This kid has a good point. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a tendency of being a total Instagram whore. Thank you, TESFA, for reminding me that my online depiction is not what I’ll be someday remembered for. It’s imperative to live in the NOW and to not get caught up on things that at the end of the day don’t even matter. Focus on your reality and what you think of yourself, not what others think of you. There’s a big difference between self-love and self-obsession.

Music should convey a message. It should make you think, make you feel. “Juniper” by TESFA meets all of the necessary criteria in my book. Do yourself a favor and follow TESFA on Facebook and SoundCloud for more tunes that support higher thinking and conscious collectivism. Hunter, thanks for representing Denver in such a positive way. Love and light my friends!