Welcome welcome, to a halfway super recap of 2015 with That New Nu. I’ve been posting away and carefully cataloging my favorite tracks all year long. In an effort to avoid a scramble at years end when best-of lists are getting published I’m heading things off early by moving on half-year collection. Thus we have the best of 2015.5!

It’s been a beautiful year for nu disco so far with unprecedented levels of popularity especially out of the deep and tropical house sectors, but we’ve also seen great work on indie dance tracks and rump-shaking, classic nu disco. It’s no shocker to see some heroes on this list like Goldroom, The Knocks, Oliver Nelson on here but there have been some amazingly good showings from brand new artists as well like Tear Council, and Du Tonc. And some artists you wouldn’t expect on a nu disco rundown like Odesza, who I’ll be damned if their remix of ‘We Belong’ doesn’t deserve to make it on here.

In any case it’s 50 of the hottest tracks of the year, and with nothing but glorious sunshine headed our way in the Mile High this playlist is certain to help take many-a-poolparty to the next level. Let’s dive in!



Thanks for tuning in hopefully it was as good for you to walk down recent memory lane as it was for me (it’s amazing how quickly great songs fall by the wayside these days). If you feel like I missed something crucial, just let me know on SoundCloud. Happy 2015.5!