Well after a week off the world of nu disco has come through once again, we’ve got a smattering of quality tracks from across the spectrum. No point in waiting let’s dive right in and get this weekend kicked off proper!

A wise man once said, “never discuss philosophy or politics in a disco environment.”- Frank Zappa

  • Grabbing the headline this week is a collaboration that nobody saw coming, Viceroy ft. kflay teamed up on the original ‘Back At The Start’ and it marks a great progression for both artists. It’s a beautiful blend of both of their styles and is sure to be one of the top collabs of the year.
  • Barely edged out of the top spot is a very unique original from The Knocks, ‘Dancing With Myself’. It’s more chilled out but features the same impeccable production.
  • Matoma has taken on the indie classic ‘Geronimo’ on his quest to establish himself as a top name in trop house. And this certainly is a step in the right direction.
  • Naxsy got funky this week with this mashup of Pharell and Ellie Goulding. Not the pair of songs I’d have imagined were begging for a mashup mix, but it comes out feeling very smooth.
  • Monsieur Adi is officially back with his remix of ‘Let In The Sun’. After falling flat for me with a few remixes his production has really been stepped back up of late, and I couldn’t be happier.
  • Hot off his release of the fiery ‘Holiday’, our boy That’s Nice  is keeping things upbeat with this remix of ‘Levitation’. With a production schedule like this, and gold coming out of his studio I see a blow up in this guy’s near future.
  • Also in the indie dance department this week is Bearson with his remix of ‘Talk To Me’. Somehow or another these scandinavian cats are really bringing up the tropical vibes these days.
  • Florida-boy Thero. is showing a new side of his production with this remix of ‘I’ll Be Good’, it’s more chilled out but still well produced.
  • With Manics and Electric Treasures on the same track here there is now way that this remix of Treasure’s ‘Get It Together’ wasn’t going to be off the hook.
  • My boy, Kue is keeping up his grueling schedule with this original ‘Synthesize Your Love’. He may have taken a bit of a break last year, but 2015 looks to be much busier.
  • I do love when older tracks get remixed out of the blue, well Neus was there to answer the call with this funky remix of ‘Some Chords’.
  • Naxsy actually put out two tracks this week. ‘Fade Out Lines’ by The Avener has received a ton of remix attention, but this one stands above the rest.
  • Chilled-master Zwette has picked an absolute gem for this remix ‘Love The Noise’.
  • Possibly the most truly disco track of the bunch is a remix form the unheard of, Mark Vegan on ‘Video’.
  • And finally any disco rundown would be remiss to leave out Moon Boots‘ remix of ‘Talk Talk’. Another track with a ton of remix love, but the future legend Moon Boots really stands above the rest.

That’s all for this week, thanks for tuning in once again. If you just can’t wait to get your nu disco fix till next week, just follow me on  SoundCloud. Happy Friday!